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Web Shopping Guide for Hvar

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Living on an island, it's not always easy to get the things you are looking for. We often travel to Split to go to the shops to place orders for things such as tile, and fixtures. Sometimes you just don't have time to take the 2 hour ferry so that's when you turn to the internet. Through a lot of trial and error I have found the below list of online shops that deliver to Hvar. If you know of others please leave them in the comments and I'll add to the list.

Kave Home
Screen shot from Kave Home

1 - / /

We have ordered quite a few things from and In general the items arrive within 2/3 weeks, once you add the item to your cart and put in your address you'll see your delivery window. One downside to these sites is that you cannot filter for - delivers to Croatia- so you'll find something you like, only to learn that they don't deliver to us. Then it's back to the search, but every time I have found what I am looking for. Delivery can be steep but hey, we're kind of at their mercy.

2- Ikea

Finally you can order things on and have them shipped to the depot in Split. From there Ikea will deliver to the island, for a fee, of course. Smaller items are pretty affordable, larger start to add $ to the cost of things but overall it's worth it.

3- Zara home

Zara has some great home furnishings that you definitely can't find on the island and they ship to the Island. Visit them at

4 -Ikoma

Looking for building hard-goods like, heating systems, cooling systems, water boilers, and general construction materials, head to They deliver to the island for a small fee and when we've ordered the items arrive pretty quickly if they are in stock.

5- Kave Home

Stumbled upon this adorable shop while blindly searching google one day. Candles, foot stools, benches, rugs, pillows so much fun. They also have a host of other furnishings but you'll just have to go see for yourself. Visit them at

6. Art Interijeri

This spot has some beautiful things. They are in the center of Split. Their website will give you an idea of the things they carry but you really need to go into the shop to see what they have on display as well as in catalog. You'll need an appointment to speak with someone at the showroom so call in advance.

Visit their website

7. Petro Kamen

Located in Kastil just outside of Split this tile shop really came to the rescue for us. We were looking for natural stone or slate tile for our Konoba, something breathable since we are right on the water and we're trying to work with the moisture rather than against it. We found just what we were looking for and the team there helped us set up our pick up with ease. We used Zani Trans to get the tile to the island. You can read about that in my post HERE.

Check out our tile: Well be installing it in the Spring.

Visit their site

I will be expanding this list as I continue to search and find great shops. As I mentioned above, please feel free to comment with other suggestions.

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