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Delivery to Hvar Island?

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

When we first arrived and began work on the house, we were pretty overwhelmed by the fact that the things we needed to build with were few and far between. There are two hardware stores in Stari Grad, and they have many of the basics, but we aren't basic builders. As we asked around, and got a ton of help from friends who had experienced the woe's of island building, and we finally got some answers. In order to spare you the time it took us, I am going to share this information with you here.


1 - Zani Trans to the rescue

Zani Trans runs a shuttle service between Split on the mainland and the island. Once you go to Split and do your shopping you can walk on over to their office on the main road out of town, or email them at to set up your pickups.

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