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House Layout

We bought a house!!! 

We are doing a FULL renovation on this beauty.


I know it's not much to look at currently but the possibilities are tremendous.


The 1st floor, called the Konoba, is a long open room reaching from the front door to the back wall. This space will house our kitchen living space and powder room.


The 2nd floor is 2 rooms. In the front, there will be an office and in the back a master bedroom with a full bathroom including tub complete with a vaulted 14 ft ceiling. 


The 3rd floor is 1 room. It will be a hang out space with a full bathroom and double patio doors leading to a large roof terrace.  From the roof terrace, you'll see the back roof which is the roof to the vaulted bedroom. You can get a better feel for all of this by clicking on the photo to the left. 

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