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Hi! Im Stacey Shevlin

We're 6 years in- with plenty more to do. 

 Thanks for joining our journey.

My husband, Dave and I took a European trip in 2016, spending a month in each country we visited. We both worked from home while we traveled. In September of 2016, we arrived in Hvar, Croatia and fell in love with Stari Grad. We met a wonderful group of people when we first set foot in the dreamy old town - and they helped us put things in motion to buy a home here. We returned in March 2017 to begin work on our place. We bought the house as is and it was full of stuff. Clean out began and we got to work tearing everything out. Now we rebuild. We are doing a lot of the work ourselves, and hiring local craftsmen as well. On this site, you'll see lots of before and after photos of our journey. Hope you enjoy. Email if you have any questions or comments. 

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